I am Emily Simons an Illustrator and the maker of the Art Gift Puzzle Box.

You can see my video's of the puzzle boxes and pyramids and how they move and open.


I want to make every box as original and special, so you will always have something unique.

The special limited edition Boxes and Pyramids are my collectables with a 3D-wooden puzzle inside the boxes, hand-painted by me. The box or Pyramid is a puzzle on its own!

The other boxes will not have a wooden puzzle inside (only in order).


On my page you can create your own unique puzzle box or artwork!

When you buy a box you will get a Surprise Bag with merchandise for free!


It's Art..

It's a Gift..

It's a Puzzle..

It is The Box you want that will give you something unique and special!


You can see my artwork here on my website, and you can find my other pages at the contact page.


You can watch my online Clown Performance Art video's on my YouTube Channel! I will keep my YouTube-Channel up to date with the complete video's. You will not always be able to see the complete video's on my Instagram or on my Facebook account.


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I'm working on my book "Fixuna and the Happy Helpers". I will Illustrate it as well. Updates will follow..


Hope you will enjoy The World Of Fixuna! Welcome to Fixuna Morgia!

New Art-Box (Work in Progress)🎈🤡🎈                                                              Title: Through-The-Looking-Box.                                                                              Don't look to long.. You might Find yourself..Lost..🎈🎈🎈