I am Emily Simons an Illustrator from The Netherlands.

I make paintings with a dark theme but very colorful. 
Because of my religious upbringing, it was not allowed to make dark art. 
I noticed a lot of people do not like to be confronted with the dark side of humans. But without darkness there is no light.
I like to confront people with their own darkness or negative feelings.
My inspiration also comes from a psychotic dream-state to Dissociative Identity Disorder. You can find a lot of truth in madness. I'm a sleepwalker and you could say that sometimes at night my dark side shows up. 
That's why i am very interested in the psyche and fantasy dream-state and you will see that coming back. 

I am a big fan of clowns, jesters or the Heyoka (the sacred clown).

Among the Lakota people, the Heyoka is a contrarian, jester, satirist or sacred clown. The Heyoka speaks, moves and reacts in an opposite fashion to the people around them. Only those having visions of the thunder beings of the west, can take on the ceremonial role of the Heyoka. Nothing was sacred to a Sacred Clown. She was a social critic of the highest order. Her funny mimicry and joking exposed hypocrisy and arrogance. Her portrayals of ridiculous behavior showed the people in a very humorous way their own foolishness and blind-spots.


I do Performance Art as Fixuna (clown). I also make Parody's and Sketches as Fixuna. Almost everything i do as Fixuna is improvisation. I do have Theme's for the Performance Art. And there is a message behind a lot of the video's i make as Fixuna. But it's like a puzzle and you will have to find the solution yourself.. :)

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#Don't Follow the White rabbit... Follow the Clowns...

I also create the Art-Gift-Puzzle-Box. 
I create boxes, pyramids (and other shapes) or furniture from canvas paintings and I make it work like a puzzle. They are handmade and painted by me. Every piece is unique and works differently as a puzzle. I am also working on my own 3D wooden puzzle. 

You can also order your own painting or order your own unique Puzzle box! If you want to see more of the Art Gift Puzzle Box you can watch the videos to see how they work. 

You can contact me if you have any questions or to order your own unique Art Gift Puzzle Box or painting.



Hope you will enjoy my artwork.


Art Gift Puzzle Box: The Optical Illusion Box

Painting: Alter Ninja's

Emily's Ashes Jewelry

Alice Furniture

The Boxes and Pyramid Boxes you see up here are a special limited collection!

When you buy one of these Boxes you will get a Surprise Bag with merchandise.